Why are you Moody?

Moody means being emotionally up and down many times every day.  I am kind of a moody person.  There are times when I can be talkative and I would be yakking away over a pet subject with passion.  There are also times when I can just zip up my mouth and become like a zen monk and be in hibernation mode or mood.  Sometimes I can also feel down with boredom.  I have noticed these habits within me for quite some time now.

Why am I moody?  It seems like my mood can depend on what kind of friends I hang out with.  If I hang out with positive energy friends, I tend to be easily affected by their love and passion.  If I hang on with negative people, I also tend to be affected by their negative vibes.

So if I see many people a day, my emotional body can be up and down easily depending on what kind of people I meet in my life.

The more I am sensitive to energy, the more easily I am affected by energy, regardless of whether the energy is positive or negative.

Is it a good thing?  I think not.  Because most of the time, people carry negative feelings and energy with and about them.  And chances are, I will meet more people who are negative than positive.

I realise that I cannot let other people’s energy easily affect mine.  Thus, it is about mastering how I feel and how I take responsibility for my own emotions and body.

Mastering how one feels and taking responsibility for your own emotions require conscious and unconscious training in order to be able to hold positive feelings and positive energy.  The more frequently I did that, that is hold positive feelings and positive energy in my being, the more I feel good and the less affected I am by other people’s energy and negativity.  Over time and with practice, it became a productive sub-conscious programming and it runs easily and effortlessly.

One positive outcome of this is that sometimes my positivity can influence those friends who are negative in nature.

In a way, this is the true meaning of expressing love and light, and it is not just lip service.  One has to put the love and light into action.

Are you ready to create a HABIT of love and light in your bodies?

If your answer is YES, come join us at the next FEEL GOOD sharing and gathering on 31 March 2013, at 1.00pm at LeXue Academy in Sri Petaling.  I will be sharing my experiences on how to hold positivity in my being and express positivity.