What Does Metatron Say about Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is one of the greatest types of love that we possess. This is also one of the most popular spiritual teachings of love.

So, you understand what forgiveness means and you may try to practice forgiveness within you to forgive or let go of someone causing harm or hurt to you. Sometimes you may find it very difficult to forgive someone for their mistakes, especially if it is coming from your loved one, your family or best friends.

What are the common causes for humanity’s difficulties in forgiving someone for their mistakes?

I asked this question to the Metatron through BodyMaitre Divination Maps.

1. Opinionated programmes in the mental body

Dictionary Meaning: Obstinate or conceited with regard to the merit of one’s own opinions; conceitedly dogmatic.

This programme will cause the person to think and act as if that the person is wrong and causing the mistake and, the way we perceive becomes real in the mind. When we are holding this programme, forgiveness will be difficult to practice as this mental programme will sabotage the intention of forgiveness.

2. Prejudice programmes in the mental body

Dictionary Meaning: preconception, partiality, predilection, predisposition, bias.

When a person unconsciously holds a Prejudice programme, it can become difficult to forgive someone if we have a prejudice issue towards the person that is making mistakes. Our mind will keep on thinking about the person’s mistakes, holding a grudge about it leaving us never able to forgive the person.

3. Disgusted feeling in the emotional body

When we perceive the person is making a mistake, it means we think that the person is wrong; it is naturally we will feel disgusted towards the person of being wrong.

Removing the disgusted feeling will help to develop the practice of forgiveness.

4. Frustration energy in the physical body

When someone is making unconscious or conscious mistakes and it is affecting us, usually we feel frustration towards the situation and the person and, if we didn’t address this heavy energy within us, it will stay in our physical and etheric body, especially in the Lymphatic, Endocrine and Digestive System, according to Metatron.

Frustration energies also can be caused by believing people are not listening to your ideas and the inability to speak up for oneself. When we are holding these energies of frustration, it is easy to trigger non-forgiveness issues towards the person we are trying to forgive.

Practicing Forgiveness require inner awareness, to be the love-finder, it is better to take the initiative to identify what associated energies blocking us to forgive others.

If not, it is not only causing harm to self and our loved one. Unforgiveness may last eternally with the soul if being untreated.