What are the metaphysical reasons causing Arthritis?

I have been having arthritis pain over my knees for a few years now, may I know what the reasons causing it and what I can do?

Female, Age 56, Malaysia


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Here’s the metaphysical reasons may contributed to your knee pain and arthritis based on your current four-body energy consciousness.


Mental Body

Energy holding in the psychological dimension

  1. Over-Intellectual Programme – overly thinking and analyzing situation.
  2. Can’t Admit Mistakes Programme – if things doesn’t work according the way you wanted, or made certain mistakes, this programme may lead to avoid mistakes.


Emotional Body

Energy holding in the emotional dimension

  1. Discouraged
  2. Insecure


Physical Body

Energy holding in your physical dimension

  1. Integumentary System – fear of losing (especially in the area of money and family members)
  2. Nervous System – Discouragement, Feeling Burden (Financial)
  3. Body – Toxic Level (especially at the lower body)


Current Four-Body Mapping that contributed to your health issue.


Thinking Too Much and Fear of admit mistakes > Feeling Insecure and Discouraged > Act with Discouragement and Burden (especially in the area of Financial and Family Relationship)


Here’s the suggested four-body mapping by Metatron and your higher self.

Thinking of able to living in the now > Feeling Secure and Courage > Act with courage and lightness


21 days Four-Body Restoration plan


Mental Body

Cultivate consciousness and mind-set of Living in the Now and It is okay to make mistakes.

Affirm Verbally: I am living in the now, it is okay for me and others to make mistakes and I can learn from the experiences easily.

Apply: Melrose Blends over back of the head.


Emotional Body

Cultivate Feeling of Courage and Secure.

Affirm Verbally: I can feel courage and being safe in my current state of being now.

Apply: Surrender Blends over heart


Physical Body

Affirm Verbally: my soul with my loved one always connected, there are no such thing as separation, I can fill up my integumentary system with oneness and joy. I can feel courage and lightness in my nervous system. My physical body is healthy and I love my body with care.


Apply: Raindrops Oils over your Knees and Sole of the Feet at least once a day for 21 days.

Take: Sulfurzyme Supplements – 5 capsules 3 times a day.

Drink: Lot of pure water to cleanse the system, take lemon oils 40 drops a day / 15 drops 3 times a day for 21 days.


In summary, these four-body reading and advice give you a bird-eye view of your condition of your four-body.  In order for you to see clearly of your own life direction and purpose, it is rather important to “prepare” your four-body in that positive state first. Ideal minimum 21 days non stop. Then the universe will able to bring you clarity into your spirits, mind, heart and body.

For most cases, why things can come and go easily, it is simply our bodies is not “prepare enough” to receive and give. Many of us trying to do or change the external causes, but the most important to change first is the inner self first, what is the relationship with the Source (Spiritual body), what we think consciously and unconsciously (mental body), the way we feel negative or positive (emotional body) and decision that we made (Physical body). While we are able to get ready for our four-body consistently, things will start to flow naturally.

So get ready to hold steadily and persistently with the right energy in your four-body first is the key here.


30 Seconds Breathing Technique


Place 2-3 drops of the recommended oils at both of your palms, rub it, then cup your nose and start breathing in slowly for 5 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds, then breathe out for 5 seconds. Repeat this process for at least 30 seconds. Imagine the positive energy going around your inner and outer body.

While you are doing the 30 seconds breathing exercise, continue and repeat verbally affirming the recommended affirmation with the stated mind-set and feeling.

Use your mother tongue to affirm.


Young Living Oils


Use only Young Living Essential Oils as it is so far the highest and purest frequency I have ever been tested. If you want to find out more where to shop or how to use the oils, contact me.
Note: Suggestion to you in this reading are based on the best oils frequency that match your current energy condition. It is not meant to replace any physical health medical advice.


What will I experiencing?

If you follow the 21 process diligently, You may experiencing healing crisis like the deep seated negativity surface out. Fear not just continue the 21 days process and you should be able to clear off the negativity and infuse your four-body with positive frequency to attract and manifest your goal. If you need an one to one comprehensive session onsite or skype, please contact us.


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With Love and Abundance,

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