Four in Love: Expressing Love and Receive Love

Very often we find it difficult to express love and even more difficult to receive love in our life. Why is that so? There are a variety of reasons for this. We sometimes feel we are unable to love or receive love because we feel we are victims, whether of circumstance or others.

Perhaps it is the inner struggles and conflicts that we have. Perhaps we have felt or feel in one way or another, unloved. More often than not, we have not been able to love ourselves. BodyMaitre teaches us the way to communicate with our four bodies, listen to our four bodies and achieve self love.

BodyMaitre is a bodies-awareness system that enables us to communicate with our four bodies to find out what is blocking us in various aspects of our life. In BodyMaitre, you learn to communicate with your body employing the method of dowsing with a pendulum and a set of charts to identify the negative energies, negative emotions and negative programming that is blocking us from achieving our highest potential.

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