Four in Love: The Four Bodies

In the 2nd instalment of Four in Love, the Three Man and a Lady (Darreck, Kok Wai, Wei Suan and Jennifer) talk in detail what are the four bodies – spiritual, physical, emotional and mental.

What is the four-body system? The Physical Body, the Emotional Body, the Mental Body and the Spiritual Body. These bodies are our energetic bodies. When any of our bodies are out-of-sync and have imbalances, we will feel discomfort, uneasy and dis-ease. Our energy bodies are easily affected by energies. The Emotional body is easily affected by people’s words, actions and energy. The Mental body starts clinging onto negative thought forms. The Spiritual body becomes disconnected from Soul and the Divine due to blockages. This results in low energy and vibrations causing blocks that will prevent us from holding on to the positive energies of money, wealth, career and relationship. The build-up of negative energies in the energetic bodies can and will manifest in the physical body as illnesses and diseases.

BodyMaitre is a bodies-awareness system that enables us to communicate with our four bodies to find out what is blocking us in various aspects of our life.  In BodyMaitre, you learn to communicate with your body employing the method of dowsing with a pendulum and a set of charts to identify the negative energies, negative emotions and negative programming that is blocking us from achieving our highest potential.