Life is about creating yourself


I wanna create myself of LOVE …and I trust that everything else will fall into place …

This was the reminder that struck me as i looked at a picture on Facebook shared by many on this lovely morning of August 18, 2012. The picture says, “Life is about creating yourself…”

I stopped. I listened. The world about me exudes peace and calm this morning. Particularly when chirping of birds came with the break of dawn devoid of traffic sounds. A lovely feeling of wonderment that was.

I began to think again… Back to my first thought, I continued to ask myself, “My decades of life experiences have shaped me to be who I am now. What of ME that I’d like to embrace most today? What of me that I’d like to remembered as most when I am dead and gone?” The answer has to be “LOVE” !

More than the love and gratitude we express and feel for our parents. More than the intensity of passion we express to our wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners. More than the joy, gentleness and awestruck wonders expressed to a child. Much, much more… and yet quite simply and simple – LOVE.

A LOVE that lives in me, that is of me, within me. With that LOVE I shall speak, breathe, feel, think, act, share, and much more from every cells of my being. That I shall do my best for today, and, I shall trust that everything else shall fall into place!

And, I wish all of you today – that you will have lots of LOVE too!