BodyMaitre Four-Body Courses

Learn how to integrate your four-body system to transform blocks into positive outcomes.

Do you feel that you have done a lot of spiritual clearing & healing works but blocks and challenges just seem like coming back again and again?

Are you having difficulties to ground your ideal results into earthly life?

In this 5 modules BodyMaitre Workshop, we will be using a set of over 80 four-body pendulum charts and pendulum to identify what are the physical or metaphysical reasons blocking us to move forward with the guidance of Archangel Metatron and Angelic Forces.

This workshop focuses on the positive and loving energy in the circle of life. What goes around comes around, if we are unconsciously allowing our self to express negativity within the inner world, it will naturally be reflected into our life, thus the same with the positive.

During the workshop, you will learn how to give your loved ones, family members, colleagues, friends and yourself an energy readings. You will learn to identify the energies held within one’s inner and outer energies that have been blocking oneself from achieving the desired results and goals of life, in productive and positive manners. This can include the spiritual, relationship, career, wealth and health development areas of our lives.


BodyMaitre Foundation – Connecting with Archangel Metatron

In this attunement module, you will receive a set of pendulum charts and be guided through an initiation process to work with our wisdom selves and the Angelic Forces. In this module, we will learn to:

  • Identify and clear blocks for channelling through intuitive pendulum dowsing.

  • Perform a step by step process to achieve clear connection with the wisdom self and the Angelic Forces.

  • Identify and integrate our  daily life lessons.


BodyMetta – Physical Health & Metaphysical Causes

In this module, you will receive a set of pendulum charts for dowsing metaphysical reason that may have contributed to your health concerns.

  • Discover which physical body organs and systems which are in need of healing and balancing for yourself and others.

  • Identify what metaphysical reasons and lesser energies that are blocking the physical body from achieving an optimum  health.

  • Explore various body healing methods through Angelic Forces, pendulum dousing and essential oils.


HeartMetta – Harmonizing relationships with your loved ones

In this heart module, you will receive a set of pendulum charts to discover what are causes that has lead to  challenges or breakdown in relationships with your loved one, family members and friends.

  • Find out what energies of emotions that maybe held between you and your loved ones, children, family and friends. Thus, you can make the necessary healing and positive changes and actions in building stronger positive relationships.

  • You will also able to identify what emotional energies that you are holding toward the person you care for.

  • Learn to receive guidance from your wisdom self and the Angelic Forces on what you can do to re-establish loving and harmonious relationship with your loved ones.

  • Explore various relationship healing methods through the Angelic Forces, pendulum dousing and essential oils.


MindMetta – Cultivating abundance programming

In this mind module, you will receive a set of pendulum dousing charts to identify what subconscious programmings that may have been preventing you from achieving success in your short and long term goals.

  • Learn a quick method to identify limiting and destructive beliefs systems that may be blocking you to move forward in your life.

  • Learn how to energetically evaluate and identify an energy profiling of the right candidates or team members who would best suit your businesses, company job positions and projects. You can even use this to evaluate a right domestic help for your household!

  • Explore various mind healing methods through the Angelic Forces, pendulum dousing and essential oils.


SoulMetta – Release spiritual blocks for a grounded & earthy life.

In this spiritual module, you will receive a set of pendulum charts to identify the subconscious programming that may be blocking you at Soul level.

  • Learn to clear lesser energies that may be trapped in the chakras

  • Discover how you could release soul fragments energies which does not belong to you.

  • Learn to Identify and clear negative entities, negative energetic connections of vows and curses, and explore ways to strengthen our spiritual protection.


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