I hope to gain some clarity about a lump in my right breast

I have recently discovered a lump in my right breast. I haven’t been to the doctor’s yet, I’m too scared at the moment. I hope to gain some clarity on this issue, some peace of mind.

Female, Age 32, Romania


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Regarding the lump in your right breast, it is best to seek for health professional to do a body check-up.

Here’s the metaphysical reason what energy may contributed to the formation of the lump in your right breast.


Yes-But Attitude

When we are decided to make a commitment toward a decision, the mind may start contemplating other options or consequences. And this may causing us unable to move forward in our life and stuck in indecisive mode. Yes, But consciousness also related to fear of consequences and fear of the end-results while making a wrong decision.

For example, a person say yes to go ahead to commit a relationship, the mind may start thinking, but.. What if he is not faithful to me? But.. he is not my dream type etc. And this consciousness may block us to move forward to commit into a relationship.

You may want to start thinking how does this Yes-But attitude blocking you in your life, health and relationship.

Since the lump is on your breast, it is usually related to love issue. So you may look into this further whether you have any relationship challenges related to expressing love with yourself and loved one.


Verbally Affirm the statement below and Archangel Metatron will assist to work with you.

“Dear Archangel Metatron please assist me to dissolve the indecisive and Yes,But attitude within me, and assist me to enhance the feelings of single-minded and decisive consciousness in my heart. Thank you.”

Visualize your heart chakra and breast fill up with platinum light.

Associate YL oils frequency: Sacred Frankincense.  Apply on the breast and breathe in with affirmation.

“I can choose to live my life with determination and decisiveness, every decision that I made always have a positive lesson and outcome to me.”


Repeat the above suggested inner transformation procedures for 21 days continuously. Once you are able to hold the positive energy in your four-body system, you can manifest and achieve your goal easily.