Group Four-Body Channelling, Energy Reading & Assessment (Saturday, 6th October 2012)

Physical Body – Emotional Body – Mental Body – Spiritual Body.  Let your four-body energy system speak to you.  Your four-body system will be accessed energetically and scanned to identify the negative/discordant energies and blocks that reside within your bodies.  This assessment will be done based on your specific challenges or issues pertaining to physical health, love & relationships and abundance & money.  Suitable for those who have the following challenges in their four-body:

  • Physical Health Conditions.  Physical health related dis-ease and illnesses, have difficulties in overcoming health related life lessons.
  • Love & Relationship.  Suitable for those who are having challenges in maintaining harmonious, peaceful and loving relationships with family members, husband, wife, business partner or friends.
  • Abundance & Money.  For those who are experiencing challenges in mastering one’s money lesson and holding abundance consciousness in their own four-body system.


You will also be energetically accessed using the innate intelligence of your body and cells to find out the imbalances that has contributed to the symptoms using The BodyMaitre System. Various alternative natural remedies including therapeutic essential oils, plant essences and flower essences will be used in analysing the condition, followed by remedy recommendations.

Time: 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Date: Saturday, 6th October 2012

Venue: Lightworks KL (call 03-21432966)