Gaining Back Your Purpose and Holding Positive Energy no matter what Happen in Your Circle of Life.

In life, there are many circles – circles of friends, work circle, family circle, and society circle and so on.  In each circle, there is a group energy or consciousness involved.  We also called collective energies contributed by each person involved in the particular circle.

When we want to achieve a purpose in whichever circle, the energy that we hold in our mind, heart, body and spirit (our four bodies) have to be positive, such as, passion, love, persistence, etc.  (There are over a hundred types of positive energies listed in the BodyMaitre Charts.)

If we do not persistently hold the intention to hold positive energy within our bodies, is would be very easy for us to fall into negativity. Negative thought forms, fear, worry and so on. We are also easily let other people’s negative energy, particularly people in a circle, overwhelm and affect us and become negative in nature.

Ideally what we want to do is to hold positive energy in our self and naturally influence others positively.  However, in reality many people are holding negative energies unconsciously and that has a negative effect on others.

For example, at work in our circle of colleagues, our colleagues criticise our work thus creating the negative energy of criticism directed at us.  Taking this further, our colleague talks bad about us behind our backs with other colleagues, thus creating the negative energy of bad-mouthing.  We come to learn about our colleague bad-mouthing us behind our back and that affected our performance at work because the negativity keeping on playing in our mind and heart.  When this negative energy is recreated again and again, our work circle will be filled with this collective negative energy and will affect everyone in the circle.  Negativity is like air-borne viruses – you do not know when you are infected and what the symptoms are if we are not connected to the spirit of our own bodies.

Does that sound familiar to you?   There are countless times when we would have experienced that, and we would have no idea what is really going on.  This is because most of us are still not aware of ourselves creating and holding negativity when we were in that state of mind.  If we are not aware that we are creating and holding on to negativity in one particular circle, there is a propensity that we will continue to create and hold on to negativity with other circles, such as, our circles of friends, family, and can affect the collective consciousness of these circles.

It is unlikely that we can change other people’s energy from negative to positive in a particular group or circle, unless we are able to realise what energy we are holding and initiate the change in ourselves first.

For example, you are tired of your work in your work circle because of the working environment and the people involved.  And you have forgotten your original purpose of what you want from the career path because of over-focussing on the negative side of the situation.  This happens because we have allowed other people’s negativity to distract us and push us off-track from our original purpose.  It is therefore important to re-align ourselves back to and understand what we really want from the particular group or circle.

Work Circle – Is your purpose in your work circle to provide your service to those who need your skills and expertise so that you can help them solve their problems?  Or is it something else?

Friends Circle – Is your purpose to have a harmonious and truthful relationship with your friends?  Or is it something else?

Family Circle – Is your purpose to have a loving and supportive relationship with your family members?  Or is it something else?

So, if you feel that something is not going right in your life, then you may want to take stock and identify which group or circle in your life (collective consciousness) that you are not happy about.


You may want to re-align back to your original purpose why you are involved with this group of people or association or companies and are you currently getting what you want.  If not, you may want to take stock of the energies held in your four bodies.

Here are 5 steps which you can use to enable you to examine yourself if you wish to regain back the positive energies within you.

Firstly, get back to your original purpose.  You may be swinging like a pendulum and do not know what your direction or focus is.  Simply centre yourself and think of your original intention in what you want to achieve in a particular area of life.  Think about your purpose of being in that group or circle; think about what you want to achieve so that the focus of your purpose can be re-aligned back.  Stop feeding the negativity through the mind and heart.  If at all we think that someone is wrong and someone is right in some matter, there is no point in holding on to the question of who is right or wrong at this point as we clearly know someone has already given us a chance to grow to be the better person.

Secondly, identify what negative energy we are holding in our mind, heart, body and soul by using the BodyMaitre Charts.  It can be limiting beliefs / destructive programming running in our mind, few of the fear-based emotions running in our heart, and a combination of denser energies manifested in our physical body.  Digging and identifying all the negativity will allow us to see a bigger picture of what is happening in our four-body system.  We will have a bird’s eye view of what is the current condition of our four bodies at this moment in time.

It is like when our physical body is unwell, we want to know what is going on, so we go for a medical check-up.  From a different perspective, we are using BodyMaitre to check our overall body energy status, like a metaphysical check-up.

Important to note here is that many of us when we start doing healing or clearing work, we tend to stop at the second stage, which is clearing the negativity.  By not clearing the negativity that we hold, we will perpetuate that negativity and that will create even more negativity in us.  In this respect, clearing will never end and it will lead to another cycle or loop of clearing and healing. Also, many of us do clearing without knowing what it is that we are clearing.

Thirdly, based on our vision and purpose of what we want to achieve in that particular circle, re-build the positive energy quotient in our four-body system.  We then come out with or identify a set of ideal positive love-based energies that we can hold in your four-body, and then magnify it with the help of Metatron’s angelic energies.

Fourthly, we will have to create a habit with the new positive energies that we have just built – practise and hold those positive energies as often as possible so that eventually the subconscious mind will do it automatically and effortlessly without much conscious effort on our part.  This is a very important step or else the positive energies may diminish anytime from the group consciousness that we are involved in that is negative.

Lastly, we have to be focussed.  We cannot be scattered.  We must focus on the positive energies that we have just built.  We may not be able to hold all the positive energies that we have identified that we need to build on and hold in one go, so, we hold one aspect of the positive energies until we have mastered that set of positive energies first.  Then we can move on to the next lesson or challenge that we think may be blocking us from achieving the purpose we want.  Take a month or two to keep on holding to the positive energy so that our body serves as the power house to naturally manifest the goal that we desire.

P/S:  Nobody else can hold positive energy for us.  It is our own responsibility to hold it for ourselves. And this is what we need to do to learn the lesson to achieve what we want in our life.


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