How to find out karmic causes within yourself?

Many times, we have unconsciously created negative karmic effects in our life without knowing why. when the life lessons knock on our head, maybe few times of the similar hard knock lessons, then we are started feeling pain and shock, finally the awareness s come in and self-examine what is going wrong in our life.

Many spiritual masters or guru do said that, all answer are within our self.

The thing is, in order to understand our self, life lessons, and evolve our human consciousness from there, need the quality of Self-Awareness, this inner quality or psychism, usually required years of spiritual and psychology practices in order to acquire it.

So does it mean we need to meditate 3 times a day, chant the mantras every odd hours in order to acquire the wisdom?

For what I believe, meditation or any form of spiritual practices are just a “tool” to assist us to evolve, it really depend on what are the intentions to use these tools. Are we using these tool for the ego body or for the four – body, or simply want to ‘achieve enlightenment because what your teacher say so”? if yes, we are simply living on other people life meaning and without fully understand what life really is,  Just like pendulum dowsing and BodyMaitre. It is a tool for us to evolve, to use as a tool to let us know what we need to learn from the life experiences, and not because of learning channelling because want to get rid of problem without knowing the karmic causes.

For my current phase of inner development, I am more concern of what I need to evolve for my human life experiences, to achieve my desire, and understand what I need to evolve myself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

It doesn’t matter I have make any mistakes as long as I have made the every single choice in my life. If things doesn’t work out according to my decision, then I ask the question ‘Why”, if my friends doesn’t have the answer that I want, I ask the angels and the masters, if the angels don’t know, then they will refer back to my body, because my body should have all the answers.

Beside the brain, each of the cells in the body, each strands of the DNA hold all the information that I need know, including the karmic reasons.

This is how I have developed BodyMaitre, that using the method of dowsing and channelling the body consciousness through the help of Angels.

Every effect have a cause, every question have an answer, including my life challenges, by understanding my problem, I understand the karmic causes. Although I can’t change the karmic effects because it is done, but. By understand my karmic causes, I can create and planted a seed of new positive causes and resulting a new karmic positive effect. This help me neutralize my karma, creating and moulding the life that I want to live, and this is the whole essences of BodyMaitre.

Some of the students who have learned the BodyMaitre Dowsing System, they felt so magnificent that the pendulum can move by itself without controlling it, it naturally with a force that move to the right chart and pin point the exact words by itself, it is like an magic tool. For me, I felt the same too, the more I practice, the faster of the energy forces that swinging the pendulum in my hand to help me identify the words that I need to know.

It is one type of channelling called kinetic channelling, by working with the inner and outer energy/Qi in our body. Our intelligent body, as well as angels and guides just wanted to talk to us so much, they tried all the different way to send us message, but due to our limitation, we are unable to receive message from them. With the simple step of BodyMaitre dowsing, it is so easy to communicate with our body, the angels and guides and that’s why the pendulum can swing so effortlessly and accurately ,because they do wanted us to know and grow.

Before the end of the year of 2012, I will share and teach the BodyMaitre system on 17 & 18 December 2012, this is two days class and you will be able to learn how to use the system to communicate with your mind and heart through the help of your guardian angels.

If you are interested, drop me an email or call +60122982965. Class will be in small group setup for better learning experiences and open to those who felt that life is a bit lost, and ready to reconnect with their own body and guides for much clarity and fulfilled life.