What do I need to do so I can attract people who are faithful?

My Issue: Broke up with my boyfriend of 15 months on Sunday. We had planned marriage and everything. Around Christmas time i found out that he had cheated on me at the very beginning of our relationship. Yea it hurt me but I became willing to forgive him simply because I felt like he had done it in the beginning when we weren’t really that serious. Him on the other hand gave up and said he knows that I will always remind him of his mistakes and i will never trust him again. I tried so hard to make the relationship work but he had checked out and had made up his mind that he wants to break up. I’m trying to figure out if we will ever get back together or do I have someone else better out there for me. And also will he be happy without me and find a better match. What do I need to do so I can attract people who are faithful? But what I really want is for him to come back to me coz I loved him so much.


What I want to achieve: Insight and clarity on my current situation. What to do to shift my consciousness.

Age 26, Female, USA


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Firstly, I will suggest you to shift your four-body consciousness first before start making any decision to move on or stay in the relationship. Cultivate a positive mind-set, positive feeling in order for you have much clarity related to your decision making. Build a positive relationship with yourself first then your own body will guide you on this matter.


The energy holding in your bodies since the past.


Spiritual Body

Sticky Images – these may cause some of the past images/scenes related to your unhappy past relationship still flashing in your mind.


Mental Body

Dictatorial – this subconscious programming may causing you to think in certain way or situation as you wanted without giving room for others to feedback. (Domineering)


Emotional Body

Infuriated – the emotional body easily “heat up” while things doesn’t happen accordingly to what you wanted.


Physical Body

Nervous System – unloved, criticism, resentment

The nervous system metaphysical meaning is able to “transport” information in your body, while certain information unable to process or “jam up” it may affect your nervous system. And these energy still holding within your nervous system are unloved, criticism and resentment. Sometimes other people behaviour/action can “nerve” you up. Suggest to release these old energy in your body first.


Past/Current Four-Body Mapping that contributed to your relationship issue.


Think with dictatorial > Feel with infuriated > Act with unloved, criticism and resentment


Here’s the suggested four-body mapping by Metatron and your higher self.

Think with open minded with inclusive of others belief > Feel with sensible and peace, Act with loved, Compliment and support to self and others.


Use BodyMaitre Techniques acquired during the BodyMaitre Class and/or follow the 21-day action Plan below.


Spiritual Body

Apply: Frankincense over your crown and third-eye to help you to release energy that “stuck” in your sub-conscious mind and spiritual body.

Affirm Verbally: I am choosing to release the past hurts energy that I am holding in my memory now.


Mental Body

Cultivate consciousness and mind-set of able to take other behavior and opinions with open minds.

Apply: The Gift Blends over back of the head to strengthen the mind-set.

Affirm Verbally: I am choosing to take others opinions into consideration. I can think of mistakes made by myself and others are part of journey and learning curve. I knew that once I learn how to be inclusive of self and others, my lifelong partner will be ready for each other.


Emotional Body

Cultivate Feeling of sensible, sensitive of others need, harmony, joy

Apply: Hinoki over your heart chakra to anchor the energy.


Affirm Verbally: I chose to express my feeling with sensible and sensitive of self and others need. I can be loving and peace with people around me.


Physical Body

Apply: Transformation Blends at the back of your head (intend the energy goes into your hypothalamus)

Affirm Verbally: My nervous system able to send sensible and loving energy around my body, I can process information with caring and love. Every action that I made are coming from sensible thinking and feeling.


In summary, these four-body reading and advice give you a bird-eye view of your condition of your four-body.  In order for you to see clearly of your own life direction and purpose, it is rather important to “prepare” your four-body in that positive state first. Ideal minimum 21 days non stop. Then the universe will able to bring you clarity into your spirits, mind, heart and body.

For most cases, why things can come and go easily, it is simply our bodies is not “prepare enough” to receive and give. Many of us trying to do or change the external causes, but the most important to change first is the inner self first, what is the relationship with the Source (Spiritual body), what we think consciously and unconsciously (mental body), the way we feel negative or positive (emotional body) and decision that we made (Physical body). While we are able to get ready for our four-body consistently, things will start to flow naturally.

So get ready to hold steadily and persistently with the right energy in your four-body first is the key here.

30 Seconds Breathing Technique


Place 2-3 drops of the recommended oils at both of your palms, rub it, then cup your nose and start breathing in slowly for 5 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds, then breathe out for 5 seconds. Repeat this process for at least 30 seconds. Imagine the positive energy going around your inner and outer body.

While you are doing the 30 seconds breathing exercise, continue and repeat verbally affirming the recommended affirmation with the stated mind-set and feeling.

Use your mother tongue to affirm.


Young Living Oils

Use only Young Living Essential Oils as it is so far the highest and purest frequency I have ever been tested. If you want to find out more where to shop or how to use the oils, contact me.
Note: Suggestion to you in this reading are based on the best oils frequency that match your current energy condition. It is not meant to replace any physical health medical advice.


What will I experiencing?

If you follow the 21 process diligently, You may experiencing healing crisis like the deep seated negativity surface out. Fear not just continue the 21 days process and you should be able to clear off the negativity and infuse your four-body with positive frequency to attract and manifest your goal. If you need an one to one comprehensive session onsite or skype, please contact us.


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