What are the energies blocking us to work towards or manifest our dream lives?

The topic of discussion in last Sunday’s BodyMaitre Four-Body Group Channeling Session was, “What are the energies blocking us from  having the right passion and persistence to work towards or manifest our dream lives?”

That managed to put everyone into deep thoughts. Finally with some prodding, one by one begin to share their dreams, talking quietly about the life they really had wanted and had hoped to build all those years ago. Some had reflected that they really wished for healthy bodies and good health so that they are able to enjoy life better. Others had confessed that they really wanted more money for all the things they want to do and for the financial freedom they had seek. There were also those who had shared about their dreams and hopes of a stable, long term romantic relationship.

I, then, posed another question, “When was the last time anyone had felt passion for their dreams and aspirations?” This was greeted by silence again. Reflecting and trying to remember an instance of when each had felt passion for their dreams was obviously not easy indeed. Finally some shared that it had been a long time. Others confessed that they had actually lost the passion when they had encountered  failure at some point in their lives. Yet, others could not say when for sure. Truly, that was a sign that passion had been quietly forgotten in the folds of time and in our chase of the rat race.

What are the blocks keeping us from connecting to our passion again? After an energetic scan of what the group had held within each person, we arrived at a list of more than ten types of energy-blocks in play.

Upon seeing the list, everyone was awaken to some points of realization about their own lack of, or absence of passion. It was an AHA moment indeed, with the Divine help of Metatron.

So why did I choose the topic of Passion and Persistence for last week Group Channelling? It has to do with my dreams too – the life I wish to have.

My dream is to own a beautiful resort home by the seaside where I can host workshops and retreats often. It will also be a place where like-minded people can gather and exchange ideas, and perhaps find inspiration for what they want and seek. This will also be a place which can sustain itself with healthy profits while I travel the world to experience life in different places and ways, and to share BodyMaitre with like-minded people around the world. In my mind, I had wanted all this by the time I turn forty, which is really just five years away! 😛

One day, a voice asked me, “Do you really want to manifest this dream of yours and bring this thought form into physical reality?”

“Yes!” I said. “I do want it.”

The voice asked again, “How badly do you want this?”

“Not very badly…” was the reply in my mind.

“How are you be able to have it, when you do not want it badly?” That made me stop and ponder. If it is something I really, truly wanted, why did I not had wanted with greater intensity? With gusto? With passion?

The voice questioned if I had held the same desire within my four-body system too?

I was unsure and thought, “Sometimes….”

“Perhaps it was an on-and-off want inside me?” My head went on.

Then, I heard this question, “Do you have “Passion” in your mind, heart and body?”

“On and off, and not persistent.” I replied with honesty.

“What is blocking you to hold passion and persistence in your four-body?” the voice asked.

I truly did not know. I decided to refer to BodyMaitre Dowsing Map….

Very quickly I was pointed to a programme in my subconscious mind – that of being TOO FLEXIBLE!

I was a bit amazed by now. I did not realise that I was being too flexible, or too CinChai in Cantonese, or “随便” or easy-going.

I began to reflect on this “too much of flexibility” in my wants. How did this subconscious programme affect my life? I came up with a long list very quickly. Most importantly, I had identified the following:

  1. If things do not work out as how I had wanted it to be, I’m OK about it. If things do work out, I am OK too.
  2. If friends or clients asked for a discount to services rendered or to products I am selling, I would usually give in.
  3. If asked for my opinion or choice of food in the company of others, I would just shrug and say, “Anything”or “CinChai.”

So, how did that CinChai affect my life, especially in regards to holding passion and persistence toward my dream?

“Lots!” I would now loudly proclaim.

I was being TOO CinChai of my dream, not being particularly affected if it is manifested or if it is not! That will definitely block me from holding the right energies of Passion and Persistence within me – physically, emotionally, mentally and spirituality!

I, now, choose to let go of this programming within of being “Too Flexible” with the Divine help of Metatron.

If I am lacking in passion and persistence, nothing can be achieved. Now, I am aware and know of this Golden Rule from the Law of Attraction.

So I asked myself again, if I will I do whatever it takes, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to hold passion, persistence and a healthy Balance of Flexibility (because I am too flexible)?

“YES!” is my answer.

So, what about you? What is blocking you from holding passion and persistence to pursue your dreams? I hope you will give this a lot of thoughts.

I shall be having the next Group Channeling on Saturday, 20, October 2012, from 10am to 12pm. For this next session, I have chosen to share about “What are the energies I have within my four-body system which are blocking me from a promotion to a higher post and next income scale in my job or business?” This would be relevant for all situations of being an employee or being a business owner. I am pleased to extend a warm invitation to all of you to join me then. The usual fee is RM50 per person. However, for this coming session, I am happy to extend to a limited 10 readers only – a free seat each – if you email to me by 12noon, Friday 19 Oct 2012 of your wish to participate for free. My email is darreck@bodymaitre.com.

I wish everyone days filled with Passion!