Is the decision to switch profession is the right thing to do?

Hi Darreck, I am currently studying Bachelor in Civil Engineering but I’m not happy with it. This is my final year and i am going to work soon. I love to be a part time investor. Is the decision to switch profession is the right thing to do? Is it suitable career for me?

I hope i can make the right decision regarding my career path.


Male, age 24, Sarawak


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Hi, before asking which career suitable for you, have you ask yourself why you are not happy with the subject that you are studying? Is it because of lack of interests of civil engineering? Did you choose this subject or other people recommend it to you? And what is the intention behind to choose Civil engineering and Part time investor?

From what I get, there’s “unsupported” and “oppressed” energies in your study.

If the main intention behind that driven you in your career is Money, then any of the career path may not really do well for you. Money is a form of reward from the passion to your skills and expertise. If the work you are intend to do lacking of enthusiasm, passion and urge to serve others, then greater flow of money will difficult to come to you no matter how knowledgeable you are.

So it is best to ask yourself which area can give you greater and LONG LASTING satisfaction, joy and enthusiasm.

If you think that Part Time Investor give you greater enthusiasm, and if you think you can manage your time well, you can try it out both first, so you can complete your study and also use the final year to evaluate yourself and see if you are really like investment, or Civil engineering.

Bear in mind satisfaction, joy and enthusiasm is a form of thought forms and feeling you can cultivate and develop yourself. Once you are able to master these mind-set and feeling. You can do well in every and any area. And these feeling will act upon as like a guide to you to the right path. so the question is, are you the master of these feeling? Or are you waiting the right job to give you that feeling?

So you might want to try out meditation and consciously practicing and expressing these feeling first before making any major decision.

Hope this help.

“I choose to express enthusiasm, passion and joy in my study and work. My mind and heart are full of positive energy. When i am applying and expressing enthusiasm in my study and work, i am able to serve others well with abundance return to me in thousands folds.”