Conscious Parking 101 – How to Park the Car right within the parking lot?

When i go to driving school to learn how to drive a car, one of the main lesson was learning how to park a cark right. I still remember when I went for the driving final exam, I have  park consciously and make sure I have park the car right within the parking lot, I was so happy after I have did it right. And the reward is, my first driving license and a car on the age of eighteen.

In order for me to park the car right within the parking lot, there’s lot of conscious focus, although subconsciously I have a little of nervous but I didn’t let my subconscious fear take over.

Every alternate day, when I drive to my gym in one of the local shopping mall, I always see car occupy two parking lots. I was asking why they can’t park their car within the parking lot and why they want to cause inconvenience of other driver.

In one of occasion, i saw a driver park crossing my parking lot, i gently ask her if she can park her car within the lot.

She reply : “I am leaving soon.”

My eye start blinking.


I have post these questions to Metatron.

Base on the current collective consciousness of Malaysia Driver, How many % of driver are unconsciously occupy their car in 2 parking lot?


What are the energy causing them unconsciously park in this way?

Mental Programme – Indifference Programme (漠不关心, 不重视)

It means this group of driver unable to park their car right are holding a subconscious programming of

  • Not care for self and others,
  • Not putting attention on their own and other wellbeing’s.
  • The energy of don’t care.


How does these programme reflected into our daily life in the macrocosm perspective?

These programme may cause them think it doesn’t make any different in their life for making small changes in their life, as it is just a small matter, they may think that making small changes in their life have no reward.

What are the suggested energy for them to learn of how to park the car right?

Mental Programme – Conscious Programme

Based on Metatron suggestion, if every driver going to care for their own and other people life, they will consciously park their car rights. No matter it is a small little things. Whatever we do in our life, it is merely a reflection to everything in our life.