Busy and flustered!

As I sat down to write about this week’s article, I am a little bewildered as to what should I share about, as it has been a very busy two weeks with a lot of classes structured for the introduction of a new project.

As I begin to put my fingers to the computer keyboard, words begin to flow. I bet a lot of people would have experienced going through a very busy time, with a lot of things to do, and yet at the same time feel a little lost?

So I am setting here a goal to ask about, “What do I need to know to in order to achieve greater productivity, efficiency and focus, especially when I am busy and unable to ground my energies properly, in order to have the proper and right relationship with my 4-body system?”

As I ask for Higher Guidance about what it is I should be aware of, it was brought to my attention that first of all, I need to let go of all the “what-ifs”, “may be’s”, and those things which had passed and obviously the past cannot be altered. True enough a few awareness came to mind, i.e. I was too cautious in my thinking and actions about moving ahead with plans.

The issue highlighted from my mental body was that of evil thoughts, rigid and non-open minded. I realized it was programmings on bad thoughts – jumping to negative conclusions, rigid in the sense that my mental body had difficulty to look out of the box at times while insisting tho follow how things have been mapped out. Thus, I truly need to be more conscious of being open minded in all areas, as things progress. We always expect the perfect outcome as how we had planned in our heads and yet failed to see that a perfect outcome could have been in some other ways too. Sure enough, I realized that when there were instances where I let my trust and intuition to proceed, after having taken the proper steps, things did turn out fine! 🙂

Now, my emotional body was obviously greatly affected due to the faulty programmings. It had discontentment, hatred of being “useless”, when truly I need not have those feelings at all. In fact, things did turn out quite well and for the better too. 🙂

Now, my dear physical body jumped in to add that all that was needed was action! The proper action and less of the worries and thinking at a time when all the thinking has been properly done. Don’t you think, the skeletal being the support frame of the body, had lots wisdom in that advice? Definitely.

Thus, I need not have flustered myself and the energies of all my 4-body system at all. In fact, at most time when I consciously shift my own focus to what needs to be done and less worries and more actions, things went on smoothly, as I had then held in me the right energies of trust and love to the energies of my four bodies to give me the necessary support and love.


I sincerely and whole-hearted thank the wisdom shared by my 4 bodies and Higher Guidance! I promise that in the future, I shall remember, love of my 4 bodies and focus and action will get me more than I will ever get with fear, worries and inaction!