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Four In Love showcases the BodyMaitre system, a system founded and developed by Darreck Chen, which enables us to communicate with our four-body system to identify the energetic blocks, stuck energies, energetic imbalanced, negative energies, negative emotions and negative programming which we hold in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  The BodyMaitre system works with our bodies’ innate wisdom and angelic energies to clear those negative energies, emotions and programming, replacing them with positive energies, emotions and programming.  BodyMaitre is about reclaiming love and self-empowerment towards ourselves, that each of us must learn and realise individually, in order to reclaim control over our experiences on Earth and as a Divine Spark of Creation.

Since its inception, BodyMaitre has been shared and taught in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and USA.  Four In Love is led by Darreck Chen, Hoi Kok Wai, Ng Weisuan and Jennifer, the three men, a lady, and a set of charts.