What is blocking a person to be an ethical driver?

When I was on my way home, a car was speeding right behind me. The driver kept on sounding his horn and flashing his headlights over me, signaling me to let him pass.

In my mind, I was thinking, I am driving at the speed of 90km per hour and it is the speed limit on the high way, it may appear as if there is no reason for me to let him pass? Because he can always choose to overtake me any time since there was no car in the 2nd lane if he is in the hurry.

The way he acted is, showing me that I was blocking his way and asking me to drive onto the side lane and let him pass.

After thinking about it, I decided to drive over to the 2nd lane and let him “speed”.

The reason is simply, I value my life!

I was thinking, maybe this guy wants to show off?

Afterwards when I was back home, I picked up my BodyMaitre Divinity Map and decided to ask my guide, what’s the reason causing this driver to behave in this way?

The finding was:

1. Physical Body > Nervous System holding energy caused by impatience. (These will cause the person to be easily reactive with impatient actions)

2. Emotional Body > suppressing Incensed negative feeling. (Easily triggers incense emotionally when he sees something not according to what he wanted)

3. Mental Body > subconscious mind having sociopathic and lack of integration inner-child programme. (Programmes that make him behave like a child and try to act differently in comparison to the norms.)

This gave me a bigger picture as to why this person reacted and behaved in such a way when it came to the ethic of driving. His 4 bodies, were been holding energy toxins in each of his bodies and this was more than just a psychology (mental) issue.

From his point of view, obviously he had no awareness that his 4 bodies are actually sick. He might be feeling good while he think that he did the right thing…

4 Aspects of the Soul Body – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Body

Being aware of self what are blocking the four aspects of the soul is important, without self awareness it can be easily causing harm to self and worse to others.