What is blocking the energies of giving and receiving?

Learning how to give and receive with love can be a major learning lesson for every one of us, if we want to be successful in love, career and health. It is definitely a topic we need to think about.

Giving means the ability to share the energy within your four-bodies with other people.

Receiving means the ability to receive other peoples’ energy into your four-body.

What can four-bodies give and receive?


Physical Dimension – Physical help such as action, money, materials etc.

Emotional Dimension – emotional support, love, courage, passion etc.

Mental Dimension – Knowledge, professional skills, advice etc.

Spiritual Dimension – allow universal sources to support the bodies, harmonize the relationship between body to body and human to human.


When we give and share with people, the truth is that the four dimensions or the four-bodies are able to work hand in hand. If one of the bodies is not in sync with the sharing intention and purpose, it will sabotage the manifestation process.

When i was first introduce to Young Living essential oils, and start sharing it to my circle of friends, i have experiencing many of us triggering the  lessons of sharing and receiving, including myself.

For example, i have tested and experience the effectiveness of the  the Raindrop Therapy Kit  for balancing and restoring our four-body system. And we know that these oils may help our friends to be relieved from certain chronic physical and emotional  health challenges. Our mind wants to share this product with friends because we know that we sincerely care for them.


But some inner conflict may surface in our consciousness.


The emotional body involved with the decision-making process feels reluctance (Emotional body holding shame energy) to share the oils because this involves Direct Selling business module.

The mental body jumps to a conversation that goes like this – “yeah… what if my friend finds out it is direct selling and (they thought) i am making money from them”? (Mental body holding fear of being judge programming)

The physical body says – “yeah… better not to share this as it might spoil the friendship. (Physical body holding energy of staying in a comfort zone and making assumption)

The inner voices have therefore complicated the process of sharing and receiving.


When the four-bodies are not clear with love and mixed with negative and positive energies (intention), it always causes blocks to unconditional giving and receiving (Abundance). This is in tandem with what the saints said – the mind and heart create the illusions that block us from truly sharing and receiving abundance.


It is like the Ying and Yang symbols – we embrace both sides and not just the other half. Some people say most of the spiritual and kind people are good in giving and weak in receiving.

I too agree.



At this point, Archangel Metatron takes over the writing from me and I have produced it here in a conversation format between Metatron and myself:

Most of us are weak in sharing and giving at the same time. It is merely a reflection.


M: When a person is weak in receiving, he is also weak in giving.

M: The intention of giving is not coming from love. It is from fear. The intention of receiving is not pure and involved with fear too.

D: How is it so?

M: Most of us are not able to share and receive the abundance of knowledge and services with pure intention because of the fear of being judged…fear of shame, insecurity, guilt and the feeling of being trapped.

D: Does it mean if we are bad in receiving, we are also bad in giving?

Yes. Metatron replies.


D: But I see many people giving and sharing in the circle. How does it apply to these people?


M: Most of them are giving because of guilt, fear of being judged of their past mistakes and want to make it up, hoping the act can accumulate good karma points, flush out insecurity and create a feel good factor. That’s why these people are giving conditionally.


D: Oh I see, thank you.

Imagine, if we are unable to share the information of the goodness of certain good products or services with fear, we are holding back, we wouldn’t be able to help others and also receive abundance from many ways.

Or if we are promoting products or services because we are financially insecure and fear of lacking of money, it will create blocks to receiving abundance because it is reflecting the insecurity in our life.

Does it mean the intention of sharing is very important, and the four-body must hold the same intention with pure love, I asked.


M: Yes.

To hold the pure intention of sharing and receiving is important as this is the fundamental lesson everyone must go through simply because we are all energy beings and connected. Giving and receiving energy through the four-body is a natural flow of life. If the energy is not pure, it will share the same energy with others immaterial of whether the person is conscious or unconscious.

In order to master the law of sharing and receiving for greater abundance, one must be able to hold the pure intention within the four-body with a pure heart, clear mind and courageous body to share the positive energies with others.

When we are able to project pure energy from the four-bodies to others, we will receive pure energy from the sources and universe.

You could share your positive experience with others even though whose four-bodies may not be ready yet. While your sharing may be blocked out by their sleeping mind & heart, your light of pure intention of sharing has placed a seed into their four-body system that may help them realise and awaken one day. They will learned how to share and receive with love too.

Besides that, God will reward you in many unexpected ways, if you are willing to learn the art of sharing and receiving.