5 reasons why our loving kindness towards people that we love can be diminished in seconds

Love, is a divinely positive energy, also the source of life for all living beings.

When we are lacking in how-to express love, without love it becomes replaced with fear.

Everyone on earth knows that love is important. Everyone will also try their best to express love towards the people they love. But, you may start thinking, why is my love to them being rejected or diminished easily?

Reason 1 – Clinging on to the past not knowing how to let go of the past mistakes

Your lover may subconsciously still be holding onto your “fault”, “wrong” or “mistakes”.  In his/her mind, they are still unconsciously holding onto the past memories. When time flies, every mistake accumulated can became the baggage in the subconscious mind. That’s why your love to him/her is being suppressed by the past “mistakes”.

Reason 2 – A Mixing Love.

Loving someone… is a pure act.

The divine love…., that is so pure and without mixing of any form of fear energies. It is a form of pure love, with joy and no fear. When we are fearful of losing our loved one, the love that we have, becomes contaminated.

When we are expressing contaminated love towards our loved one .. the love that expressing toward your loved one, is not pure anymore.

Reason 3 – When “being in Love” becomes a habit.

We all love to be in love, this habit is started when we are first born into this world as a baby. Our parents love us unconditionally. When we are older, we simply just hope to maintain that sense of being loved but we do not know how to apply the effort of learning how to love our self and others.

Reason 4 – Shame for the Adult Love.

Many Asian families are fearful of expressing their love to the people they care about. Including their children, family members and friends. It is simply because; to express the love in front of the people is sometimes considered a form of a shameful act. Eventually the love to their loved one is replaced by giving through materials needs.

Reason 5 – When there’s a lack of self love, how do you give love to others?

We used to say, I love my own lover, family, children and friends. If you think with your logical mind, if it is love, why is there so many conflicts between the people I love? Why does the love I give affect my mind, body and spirit?

So, there’s only one reason , the love that you giving to others, is conditional love.  When there’s lack of self love, the love to others naturally becomes conditioned by fear.